The Universe is Expanding

For several years now, while discussing video projects with clients, we would be asked if we did graphic design. Usually we would simply recommend someone we knew who would do a good job. Now? The answer is yes. Yes, WE do graphic design. We can now design logos, brochures and all things print and electronic. Our main focus will remain broadcast quality video production for television commercials, corporate video, web video, documentaries, etc., but it’s nice to know we can now save our clients some time, money and heartache, and offer a more robust package of effective advertising, marketing and branding.


What we do:

  • Television commercials and infomercials
  • Long format television programs
  • Marketing presentations
  • Living History Videos
  • Training, Sales, and Safety Videos
  • Corporate Communications
  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design
  • Copywriting and Script Writing