The owner/president of Blue Planet Creative is a pack rat. On the down side, there’s a lot of stuff we’d just as soon get rid of – although we keep finding clever ways to use old equipment. On the up side, we have all these letters containing many kind words that clients over the years have written to us – and about us. Truth be told, we even have several from before the birth of Blue Planet Creative. But they were so nice, we couldn’t resist sharing them. Enjoy.



“High quality, imaginative, and a strong ability to visually communicate your message are what come to mind when I reflect upon Blue Planet Creative’s video work for us. I was introduced to Allan and Blue Planet Creative when our organization was seeking to visually capture the essence of our signature fundraising event, while also sharing the story behind Community Link. Immediately, they grasped our vision. But, more importantly, they helped us hone our message to better communicate the most compelling parts of our story.  The process was incredibly smooth and the end product was of high quality and moving.  Much beyond the quality of work is that they marry their video expertise with a full understanding of your message. We’re quite pleased with them and look forward to continuing our relationship. I’d highly recommend Blue Planet Creative!


-Randall Hitt, Chief Advancement Officer

Community Link  -Charlotte, NC

September, 2013




“I have three things to say about the writing coming out of Blue Planet Creative: Fabulous, funny and fast!! Allan is a man with a brilliant mind who understands the needs of the client.”


- Linda Distenfield, Owner

Marketing Express -Santa Barbara, California

July, 2008



“Blue Planet’s creative energies and production expertise have helped us develop television spots that are informative, funny and memorable. They definitely cut through the clutter, which allows us to save money by easing up on GRP’s and still remain memorable. Our customers mention our ads often and inquire about what we have planned next. When people enter our stores quoting lines from our advertising, something is definitely working. I was amazed last year when reporters from the newspaper contacted me about running a story on our television advertisements. When is the last time you heard of a print editorial department reporting on competitive media? Probably never. Thank you for your sense of humor, accessibility and untiring willingness to work with our team. It’s nice to have a creative “big gun” right here in sunny Charlotte.”


- Dave Yelverton, President

Buffalo Tire & Car Care

April, 2005



On behalf of the Arthur Wylie Wealth Management Group/Capital Realty Group team, I want to thank you for helping us realize our vision through great marketing advice regarding our brand, which, as you know, is a source of pride to everyone at this company. We now take a more comprehensive approach to marketing our organization. Since the first video presentation you produced for us, we have grown exponentially – and we feel you have played a significant part in that growth.


- Arthur Wylie, President & CEO

Arthur Wylie Wealth Management Group and Capital Realty Group

February, 2005



I want to thank you for your dedication and hard work on the “Charlotte’s Ultimate Makeover” project. This was a huge undertaking that had a great amount of detail that needed to be watched over and included five different partners, all of whom had unique personalities and needs, with each one convinced they were the most important. I don’t know many people who could pull off keeping everyone happy: clients, on-air talent, etc., but you were able to do exactly that. The final product looked great and far exceeded our expectations. Many thanks to you and your team.


- Rick Casta, Sales Manager


September, 2004



Thank you for the superb quality and overall effectiveness of the most recent training video you produced. We find it to be everything we need in a training tool. It has been brought to my attention by store management that their sales associates are very excited by the video and find it not only a very effective training tool for themselves, but also an exciting visual demonstration for their customers of the features and benefits of the line. Blue Planet is sure to be the first and only company on our call list for any future video production projects!


- Roxy McMahon, Marketing Manager

Berndes Cookware USA

December, 2002



Since the commercials you produced hit the air, compliments have poured in. We have received praise for the quality of the spots and we’ve gotten first class results. People have commented, saying that they were concise, creative and well written. In addition to the compliments we have received, we have also had an increase in the volume of calls coming in due to these commercials. We have analyzed the results and have concluded that our total call volume has increased by 65%! Needless to say, I appreciate your dedication and support and we feel a great sense of pride in the commercials you have created.


- Bill Craig, President

Community Homes, Inc.

July, 2002



I wanted to thank you for the successful production of the MCI “Follow the Leaders” video. You succeeded in taking some very fragmented material and putting it together to deliver a stellar endorsement video for use at our international events. We truly appreciate your professionalism and flexibility throughout the process and look forward to working with you again.


- Lynette Burns, Senior Manager, Partner Marketing


October, 2001