Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer Review – Experienced Opinion on 3 Great Builders!

by Azfar in Website Builders on November 13, 2020

Are you stuck in the Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer competition? Okay, today I’m gonna find the winner because I’m the judge here. (like it happens in tv shows)

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer review and comparison 2020

When it comes to web page building, these tools are highly appreciated – no joke!  After all, these tools make the web page dynamic, easy to navigate, and stunning. 

Now the question is – who wins among elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer? Okay, before we start comparing, you need to get that 40% of websites across the globe are powered by WordPress. And That is a huge chuck!

You are here because your website is in this 40 percent. Without any doubt, choosing the right page builder is crucial for you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to give your competitors a taste of their own medicine. 

Okay, it seems like the intro of this post is done, I’m high…I mean, it’s high time to get in-depth and pick a winner from Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer competition. 

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer – An Overview! 

Elementor Review 2020 

Elementor is one of the most appraised tools for web page designing. Personally, I prefer it among other web page builders. But yeah, my needs could be different than yours. So we have to get into Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer review. 

Elementor review and Elementor vs divi vs visual composer comparison

Basically, Elementor is a drag and drop builder that comes with seamless integrations and amazing features & widgets. The tool has a free as well as a paid version.

I have used both paid and free versions of the Elementor. I must say – both just works perfectly and integrate well with almost everything! 

Elementor comes with a bunch of features. Here are some: 

  • Optimized templates
  • Numerous effective micro widgets
  • Theme and pop-up builder
  • Responsive editing for desktop, tablet as well as mobile
  • Global Widgets
  • CSS filters to personalize any tab
  • Motion Effect that can make your site dynamic

Pros and Cons of Elementor 

The tool is fast and convenient to use for beginnersThe tool might hang if you click on a single button multiple times
Robust integration abilityDoesn’t have many templates
Get in-built SEO friendly templatesNot compatible with all of the WordPress themes 
Great customer serviceCollection of icons in the free Elementor is limited
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Divi Review 2020 

Divi is pretty much similar to Elementor. It also comes with a drag and drop web page builder tool. More importantly, it has a wide range of templates for all the major business domains. 

Divi review 2020 and comparison with Elementor and Visual composer

Divi page builder is an aesthetic tool that is compatible with all the major WordPress themes.

The tool does not have a free version but a paid one, which gives you full access to every feature. Here’s a Divi feature list for you: 

  • Powerful and fast visual editing
  • Inline text indexing
  • Save your own built template in a folder
  • Catchy call to action buttons
  • Website theme with all major pages
  • Global fonts and icons 

Pros and Cons of Divi Web Page Builder

Catchy and optimized themes available for all of the major business domain websitesComplex interface for a beginner
Highly evolving and customer-friendly platformA lot of bugs in shortcodes that make the use of shortcodes risky
Divi lets you create your own layout and save it for later use Considering the cost, I can’t see a lot of features coming my way
An ability to translate your page into 32 different languagesNo migration option for import or export 
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Visual Composer Review 2020

Being developed by WPBakery, Visual Composer is a trustworthy tool to use as a page builder. The drag and drop feature of Visual Composer is quick and effective. The plugin itself doesn’t take much space on your backend which means your page won’t take much loading time.

Visual composer review 2020 and comparison with Elementor and Divi

Visual Composer has several add-on plugins that can be integrated seamlessly with it. In terms of cost, Visual Composer is more than economic because it’s free, haha!

So first learn it as much as you can. After that, you may upgrade to any of the 3 plans:  

  1. Single Website 
  2. Three Website 
  3. Developers 

Here are some Visual Composer features that you expect: 

  • The Visual Composer Hub (a library of premium quality templates, stock images, content elements, plugins, etc.) 
  • Rich content elements
  • Professional & SEO friendly templates
  • Pop up builder
  • Row layout builder
  • Unsplash stock images usage
  • Giphy integration

Pros and Cons of Visual Composer 

You can save tabs and elements It can be tough for a beginner to get used to the interface
Satisfactory customer serviceThere’s no undo button on the dashboard
Numerous integrations which can help you make a great website.No icon library present
Affordable tool if you want a page builder for 1 websiteExpensive tool if you want a page builder for multiple websites
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What You Should Be Looking for in a WP Page Builder?

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer – All Serve Different Requirements! 

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer – Before picking any web page builder, make sure to think hard about what you need for your business. Almost every business has a different requirement. So look out for yours! 

Let’s say, if you are planning to sell courses on your website, or enroll students to your courses via a website like Coursera or Udemy, you need 2 things. 

  • An LMS (Learning Management System) 
  • WooCommerce

In the above case, it would be smart to go with such a web page builder that can integrate well with WooCommerce as well as best LMS platforms.

Pro Tip: While choosing your web page builder, always keep in mind what your requirements are, and then you’re good to go! 

Pick Such A Builder That Would Be Compatible with Your Favourite WordPress Themes 

You’re about to create a website. It means you’re gonna spend hours finding the best theme for your website. Aren’t you?

Maybe, you may have fallen in love with a particular theme. If that’s the case, make sure to see whether your theme integrates with Elementor, Divi, and Visual Composer or not. There are certain themes that may not go well with these 3 web page builders. 

Elementor has its own themes and templates, but most of them are WordPress themes. But if you’re worried about compatibility issues, there are no such strings that can hold you back. 

Although Visual Composer has in-built themes, it’s compatible with about 90% of WordPress themes. For the remaining 10 percent, you gotta depend on the hit and trial method.

Divi web page builder has its own theme and you will most likely gain the best output if you stick to the same theme. Trying a new theme would be a bit risky.

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer Features Comparison 

Features are the keys to help you out with all of your web page design elements. You need to ensure that each and every feature you pay for is worth it. I would recommend a bit of reading on the official sites of these web page builders. That would give you a thorough knowledge about it.

While reviewing features of each page builder tool, pay attention to these 3 things as much as you can: 

1) Widgets: Widgets help you make your page attractive and increase sales as well. So make sure the page builder you select has numerous unique widgets.

2) Template Collection: Templates form the basis of your website. Any webpage wouldn’t become a great one if its template is not optimized or a modern one. In my opinion, Elementor and Divi both have great templates. 

3) Mobile Responsiveness: A few years ago, it would have been okay to have such a website that works well on desktop only. But now, Google has made mobile-first indexing its priority. 

If your website is not responsive enough for mobile phones, you’re not gonna get any rankings on Google. 

How Much Does A Good Web Page Builder Cost? 

A web page builder may cost anywhere between $0 to $350 per year. Without any doubt, we can say that the pricing is another important factor that can help us pick the from this Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer clash.

All these tools have different pricing with different sets of features. After having a look at these features, make sure you choose a featured-rich platform in your desired price range.

Website Architecture and SEO

Making a website is one thing and ranking it on a search engine is absolutely different. To ensure that you rank high on search engines like Google, a factor like website’s architecture shouldn’t be missed out. 

There are a few questions that you should ask yourself before making the final call: 

  • Do templates have all the modern features?
  • Is the theme mobile responsive?
  • How fast does my page load when I use a certain template?

All these questions will help you pick a tool from Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer for your web page design in a way that would do nothing but well for website architecture and SEO performance.

Which Web Page Builder Has the Best Widgets? 

As mentioned earlier, widgets make your page attractive as well as converting. Let’s have a look at all the major widgets that these 3 tools provide.

Elementor Widgets Explained

Elementor has a total of 87 widgets. Out of these 87 widgets, 42 are available in the free plan of Elementor. You can use Elementor add-ons for free and make a stunning page. Let’s have a look at some of the surprising widgets that Elementor provides:

  • Heading Tags
  • Call To Action
  • Divider & Spacer
  • Google Maps Embedding
  • Icons
  • Image Carousel
  • Countdown Timers
  • Sliders
  • Social Media Share Button
  • Testimonial Carousel
  • Site Map Linkage
  • WooCommerce Widgets

Divi Widgets Review

Divi has a total of 40 widgets. You can access them by clicking the + button right from your dashboard. Look, here’s what you can expect from Divi widgets: 

  • Bar Graphs
  • Accordion
  • Embedding Audio & Video
  • Blog Page Designing
  • Circle Counters
  • Catchy Call To Action
  • Shortcodes
  • Inbuild Contact Form
  • Portfolio Tab
  • Pricing Tables

Visual Composer Widgets

Visual Composer doesn’t offer widgets in a way the above 2 builders do, but it has quite good features for page building. Once you click on the “Add Element” button on the Visual Composer dashboard, you will see a pop-up showing you a lot of page features, which you can add to your webpage.

Here are some features that you can get from Visual Composer page builder: 

  • Social sharing button
  • Accordion
  • Post Grid Elements
  • Header Elements
  • Pop-up Builder
  • Sidebar Widgets
  • Recent Posts
  • Call To Action
  • WooCommerce support

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer – Templates Clash! 

Templates mostly depend on the niche of your business. All the three tools i.e. Elementor, Divi and Visual Composer have several templates and packages. Let’s have a look at the templates of the these tools one-by-one.

Elementor Templates

Elementor gives you about 150 templates with its free and pro version combined. The templates are different for different business domains. For example a landing page for a shoe store or a homepage for a bakery shop.

You can import these templates and use them to create a personalized page in accordance with your needs. The icons and layout of the template can be modified using various widgets as well. 

If we talk about Elementor templates, you don’t need to worry about mobile responsiveness. All these themes work seamlessly on mobile phones. You can also live preview your page’s mobile version with Elementor so that you can either fix or modify it. 

Divi Templates

Divi gives about 140 templates. Besides, it also has a full package of 6-10 pages following the same pattern and colour scheme. You can import and modify these packages as you like. 

The images used in Divi are of High Quality (PNG) and are copyright free as well. Just like Elementor, Divi also has such niche-specific templates that are in domains like Shopping, Agencies, Course websites, etc.

Divi templates are also responsive to mobile. If we consider the loading time, Elementor templates load a bit faster than Divi in the backend.

Visual Composer Templates

In both free and premium version of the Visual Composer, you can find a bunch of different templates. All those themes load real fast and can be customized in numerous ways.

Like Divi and Elementor, there are several niche-specific themes that are in business domains like digital marketing, cryptocurrency, manufacturing, bakery etc.

Along with this, you can also design templates of your own with the help of theme builders in Visual Composer. As soon as you’re done building the template, you can save or duplicate it for other pages or projects as well. Isn’t that great? 

Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer – Final Comparison!

FeatureElementorDiviVisual Composer
Templates150+ templates 140+ templates 200+ templates
InterfaceEasy & user-friendlyEasy & user-friendlyComplex for starters
Widgets 87 widgets40 widgets No widgets
Loading speedFastestComparatively SlowBest of both worlds
Customer ServiceCommendableGoodSatisfactory

Verdict: Elementor vs Divi vs Visual Composer Review!

All web page design tools have their own advantages and disadvantages. It’s not a great idea to pick a winner among them. 

There are not a single but three winners in this battle of web page builder tools. In the end, it all breaks down to the requirements of your business. If you want your website to be a perfect one, with all the funky and superior features, Elementor with its uncountable integrations wins the battle.

If you want creative features to try out and make your page a bit animated, Divi will stand up to your expectations. Likewise, if you want a page that can load faster, try out the Visual Composer. 

So who is the winner in your battle of Elementor vs Divi vs Visual composer? Comment below and let me know!

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