What is Adobe Indesign Used for? – Let Me Guide You!

by Azfar in Designing Software on November 3, 2020

What is adobe Indesign Used for? Are you wondering that for hours? Okay, let the commander of Google help you out.

What is Adobe Indesign Used for and Its Brief History

You might want to make your graphics way better. Probably, that’s why you’re searching what is Adobe InDesign used for. 

In the most simple way, we can say that Adobe Indesign is a typesetting and desktop publishing application. But, that’s not enough to know right? 

Yes, there’s more to it. And if you’ve never heard of Adobe InDesign and it seems compelling to you, you’re here at the right time because I’m gonna dissect the whole stuff in one go. 

Let’s Get into the History to Discover What is Adobe Indesign Used for!

Adobe InDesign was first released on August 31, 1999. It’s been two decades and it has come a long way. When it first came out, it wasn’t extraordinary at all. 

In fact, Adobe actually bought out this company called Aldus, which had released several desktop publishing software like SuperPaint and PageMaker.

Adobe released InDesign with an aim to replace PageMaker, which unfortunately had been losing market share to another competitor called QuarkXpress. 

#An Interesting Fact: Using an excellent business strategy, Adobe bundled InDesign with Illustrator and Photoshop, which made graphic designing even much easier. Needless to say, they quite effortlessly blew QuarkXpress out of the water within 10 short years. Ouch. Sorry QuarkXpress!

Initially, InDesign was a part of the Creative Suite and could be purchased with a one-time license. But now, as part of the creative cloud, you can choose to pay monthly or yearly. Don’t you think it increased a user’s creative freedom? 

If you like it, you can keep it. If not, there’s no boundation. You can dump it straight away. 

What is Adobe Indesign Used for? – A Complete Overview!

Adobe InDesign is called a “desktop publishing software” which lets you do such things that other software in your Creative Cloud may not do. 

It’s true, there are certain areas where InDesign can’t perform well; like editing photos or creating illustrations, but that’s where Adobe Creative Cloud comes into action.

Once you’ve decided on the text and done with all the images, you can expect Adobe to put your items together in any layout effectively. 

Here’s what you can make using Adobe InDesign: 

  • Flyers 
  • Brochures
  • Magazines 
  • Newspapers
  • Books 
  • Newsletters
  • PDF presentations
  • Ads

Damn, a long list indeed. Does anyone else need an inhaling pump? By the way, you may get awesome templates for these on Blueplanetcreative.net

What Makes Adobe Indesign Different from Illustrator or Photoshop? 

If you’re working on something complex, InDesign is the tool you need. It’s especially handy when your project involves master or multiple pages. InDesign uses a vector-based design like an illustrator, which works at a pixel level. As you know, that is not supported in Photoshop at all. 

No matter how much you zoom in, InDesign and illustrator design would never get pixelated because of vector creation. In Adobe Photoshop, images get pixelated terribly. 

Note: Illustrator is a better graphic designing tool for websites, but their layouts can be needlessly large and can fail in printer optimization.

For this context, if you’re considering using InDesign, you’ll love the versatility. Along with the internet, it works great for print and digital media. 

In InDesign, you can’t get a good photo editing capability. The good news is – if you already have the elements ready, InDesign is the perfect software for combining Photoshop and Illustrator artwork. Tada, that’s something you can print too 🙂 

Here’s the simplest guide on earth that would EVER exist:

ToolGood for… 
Adobe PhotoshopEditing Images
Adobe Illustrator Designing illustrations along with text 
Adobe InDesign Creating layouts of all kinds

Who Uses Adobe Indesign? 

The cool fact about Adobe InDesign is that it can be used not only by graphic designers but also by marketing and communication experts. If you need to create a layout for any printable document, you can use it. 

What you may not like is its learning curve, which in my opinion is worthy of your time. After all, many professionals use it. 

In order to master Adobe InDesign, you may buy a course on Udemy, seek help from YouTube tutorials, or can try the most common method called trial and error. 

With some serious effort and focus, you can master the software fast enough. In less than a month, you will be able to create picture-perfect layouts for various types of documents. 

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